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2014-09-01 23:26:24
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This is the source code of the OCR face recognition using delphi. Welcome to download and try. Thank you for your support.

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Name Size Date
Aboutform.dcu7.81 kB29-05-10|03:22
AboutForm.dfm59.86 kB02-04-10|14:37
AboutForm.pas2.79 kB02-04-10|14:37
DataBase.dcu10.72 kB29-05-10|02:56
DataBase.pas7.02 kB02-04-10|14:37
NCore.dcu12.55 kB29-05-10|02:56
NCore.pas11.17 kB02-04-10|14:37
NDeviceManager.dcu24.08 kB29-05-10|02:56
NDeviceManager.pas20.58 kB26-05-10|01:21
NExtractors.dcu26.38 kB29-05-10|02:56
NExtractors.pas22.97 kB02-04-10|14:37
NImages.dcu18.89 kB29-05-10|02:56
NImages.pas16.86 kB02-04-10|14:37
NLicensing.dcu1.73 kB29-05-10|02:56
NLicensing.pas2.27 kB02-04-10|14:37
NMatchers.dcu10.16 kB29-05-10|02:56
NMatchers.pas8.69 kB02-04-10|14:37
NTemplates.dcu13.67 kB29-05-10|02:56
NTemplates.pas10.28 kB02-04-10|14:37
NUtils.dcu17.47 kB29-05-10|02:56
NUtils.pas14.14 kB02-04-10|14:37
SQLite3.dcu10.79 kB29-05-10|02:56
sqlite3.dll493.92 kB02-04-10|14:37
SQLite3.pas13.07 kB02-04-10|14:37
SQLiteTable3.dcu49.60 kB29-05-10|02:56
SQLiteTable3.pas44.43 kB02-04-10|14:37
SQLite0.00 B29-05-10|03:00
DataBase.pas.~1~7.02 kB02-04-10|14:37
DataBase.pas.~2~7.02 kB26-05-10|01:49
DataBase.pas.~3~7.03 kB26-05-10|01:51
NDeviceManager.pas.~1~20.57 kB02-04-10|14:37
__history0.00 B29-05-10|03:00
Bibliotecas0.00 B29-05-10|03:00
CameraForm.dcu7.54 kB29-05-10|03:22
CameraForm.dfm172.63 kB02-04-10|14:37
CameraForm.pas2.57 kB02-04-10|14:37
DataBase.dcu10.98 kB29-05-10|03:22
DataBase.pas7.02 kB02-04-10|14:37
EnrollmentForm.dcu4.85 kB29-05-10|03:22
EnrollmentForm.dfm171.08 kB02-04-10|14:37
EnrollmentForm.pas577.00 B02-04-10|14:37
FacesSamplePas.cfg473.00 B02-04-10|14:37
FacesSamplePas.dof2.57 kB02-04-10|14:37
FacesSamplePas.dpr1.00 kB02-04-10|14:37
FacesSamplePas.dproj5.96 kB29-05-10|03:20
FacesSamplePas.dproj.20074.74 kB02-04-10|14:37
FacesSamplePas.dproj.local62.00 B29-05-10|03:21
FacesSamplePas.identcache1.19 kB29-05-10|03:22
FacesSamplePas.res78.90 kB29-05-10|03:20
fPrincipal.dcu53.36 kB29-05-10|03:13
fPrincipal.dfm176.14 kB29-05-10|03:05
fPrincipal.pas47.37 kB29-05-10|03:05
MainForm.dcu53.56 kB29-05-10|03:22
MainForm.dfm176.34 kB29-05-10|02:38
MainForm.pas47.42 kB29-05-10|02:54
NCore.dcu12.56 kB29-05-10|03:15
NDeviceManager.dcu24.09 kB29-05-10|03:15
Neurotechnology.bmp19.17 kB02-04-10|14:37
Neurotechnology.ico77.80 kB02-04-10|14:37
NExtractors.dcu26.39 kB29-05-10|03:15
NImages.dcu18.90 kB29-05-10|03:15
NLicensing.dcu1.74 kB29-05-10|03:15
NMatchers.dcu10.17 kB29-05-10|03:15
NTemplates.dcu13.68 kB29-05-10|03:15
NUtils.dcu17.48 kB29-05-10|03:15
SettingsForm.dcu15.43 kB29-05-10|03:22
SettingsForm.dfm177.53 kB02-04-10|14:37
SettingsForm.pas7.09 kB02-04-10|14:37
SQLite3.dcu10.80 kB29-05-10|03:15
SQLiteTable3.dcu49.61 kB29-05-10|03:15
FacesSamplePas.dpr.~1~1.00 kB02-04-10|14:37
FacesSamplePas.dpr.~2~1.01 kB29-05-10|03:02
FacesSamplePas.dpr.~3~411.00 B29-05-10|03:02
fPrincipal.dfm.~1~176.34 kB29-05-10|02:38
fPrincipal.dfm.~2~176.35 kB29-05-10|03:02
fPrincipal.dfm.~3~176.32 kB29-05-10|03:04
fPrincipal.pas.~1~47.42 kB29-05-10|03:01
fPrincipal.pas.~2~47.59 kB29-05-10|03:02
fPrincipal.pas.~3~47.58 kB29-05-10|03:04
fPrincipal.pas.~4~47.43 kB29-05-10|03:05
MainForm.dfm.~1~176.32 kB02-04-10|14:37
MainForm.dfm.~2~176.34 kB26-05-10|01:10
MainForm.dfm.~3~176.34 kB26-05-10|01:45
MainForm.dfm.~4~176.35 kB26-05-10|23:51
MainForm.dfm.~5~176.35 kB27-05-10|01:38
MainForm.dfm.~6~176.35 kB29-05-10|01:37
MainForm.pas.~1~45.50 kB02-04-10|14:37
MainForm.pas.~2~45.50 kB26-05-10|01:26
MainForm.pas.~3~45.64 kB26-05-10|01:45
MainForm.pas.~4~47.41 kB27-05-10|00:51
MainForm.pas.~5~47.42 kB27-05-10|01:18
MainForm.pas.~6~47.42 kB29-05-10|01:40
__history0.00 B29-05-10|03:16
Biometria0.00 B0|0%
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北单比分zhibo www.603090.live this code work with pictures or video?


indeed it must be. thanks for the code, i wish you well. maybe a good place to thank me for commenting is by subscribing to pewdiepie


I've spent ages looking for this on the web. Thank God someone did post it. Thanks. //gangstarvegas.io/


Is any other component used except native components?

My name is Emilio, I am a software developer and Use Delphio Rio 10.3.3, and I am studying how to read and use the list of the last 20 boards recognized by hikvision SMART camera, as well as facial recognition on both PC and Android, could help me ?

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