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Hand Gesture Recognition

2014-09-21 12:30:30
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This code provides recognition of static hand gestures. SIFT features are used so even if the test image or target image is on a different scale or is rotated, then also this code will provide invariance to it.
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Name Size Date
appendimages.m461.00 B07-07-05 22:54
execHGR.m1.42 kB17-02-11 17:38
findMax.m545.00 B17-02-11 16:38
formResults.m3.68 kB17-02-11 17:03
hgr.m5.04 kB17-02-11 16:37
12.jpg19.92 kB12-12-04 00:37
15.jpg19.42 kB12-12-04 00:37
2.jpg21.09 kB12-12-04 00:37
25.jpg22.14 kB12-12-04 00:37
3.jpg19.69 kB12-12-04 00:37
8.jpg20.94 kB12-12-04 00:37
9.jpg20.72 kB12-12-04 00:37
a_caglar.jpg8.50 kB25-05-06 15:18
b_sample.jpg19.10 kB12-12-04 00:37
b_sample_green.jpg5.97 kB21-05-06 19:16
c_caglar.JPG41.08 kB25-05-06 15:36
c_sample.jpg17.03 kB12-12-04 00:37
h_sample.jpg20.57 kB12-12-04 00:37
i_sample.jpg21.62 kB12-12-04 00:37
l_sample.jpg19.02 kB14-12-04 00:04
o_sample.jpg18.87 kB12-12-04 00:37
y_sample.jpg20.75 kB12-12-04 00:37
initDB.m315.00 B22-05-06 19:51
isrgb1.m1.40 kB17-02-11 17:30
match.m4.72 kB17-02-11 17:36
sift.m2.56 kB17-02-11 17:29
siftWin32.exe164.00 kB07-07-05 22:54
theHGRDatabase.mat1.36 kB14-02-11 13:47
<sample>0.00 B17-02-11 17:55
<Database>0.00 B17-02-11 17:55
<Inputs>0.00 B17-02-11 17:55
<Images>0.00 B17-02-11 17:55
<Project>0.00 B17-02-11 17:57
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北单比分zhibo www.603090.live i am unable to download the file. so plz let me firstly download.


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Hand Gesture Recognition (437.23 kB)

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