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2015-02-11 03:58:36
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(void)doneClicked:(id)sender { [textField resignFirstResponder]; //hides the pickerView }
Attached Source Code

iPhoneComboBox_src.zip contains the subclassedControllerViewfor easy integration with an existing project.
iPhoneComboBox_demo.zip contains the source code of a demo application that usesComboBox ControllerView.
Using the Code

Open Xcode and create a "Single View Application", name itComboBoxTest.
Make sure that "Use Automatic Reference Counting" is checked.
Download and unzip iPhoneComboBox_src.zip to a folder named ComboBox (double click on the zip file).
Drag and drop the ComboBox folder to the project in Xcode.
Make sure that "Copy items into destination groups's folder" is checked.
Make sure that "Create groups for any added folders" is checked.
Edit ViewController.h: Add#import "ComboBox.h", declareComboBox* combo1;
The header file should look like this:
 北单比分zhibo www.603090.live #import  #import "ComboBox.h" @interface ViewController : UIViewController
    ComboBox* combo1;     

Edit ViewController.m, add the following toviewDidLoad:
NSMutableArray* fruitsArray = [[NSMutableArray alloc] init];
[fruitsArray addObject:@"Apple"];
[fruitsArray addObject:@"Banana"];
[fruitsArray addObject:@"Orange"];
combo1 = [[ComboBox alloc] init];
[combo1 setComboData:fruitsArray]; //Assign the array to ComboBox [self.view addSubview:combo1.view];
combo1.view.frame = CGRectMake(110, 69, 120, 31); //ComboBox location and  //size (x,y,width,height)

Build and run, that's it.

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.DS_Store6.00 kB2012-03-12|06:48
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._.DS_Store244.00 B2012-03-12|06:48
AppDelegate.h330.00 B2011-12-17|09:13
._AppDelegate.h295.00 B2011-12-17|09:13
AppDelegate.m2.36 kB2011-12-17|09:13
._AppDelegate.m295.00 B2011-12-17|09:13
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._.DS_Store244.00 B2011-12-17|09:14
arrow.png1.34 kB2011-12-17|04:12
._arrow.png244.00 B2011-12-17|04:12
ComboBox.h472.00 B2012-03-12|06:45
._ComboBox.h171.00 B2012-03-12|06:45
ComboBox.m2.62 kB2012-03-12|07:27
._ComboBox.m171.00 B2012-03-12|07:27
ComboBox.xib9.35 kB2012-03-12|07:24
._ComboBox244.00 B2012-03-12|07:27
ComboBoxTest-Info.plist1.07 kB2011-12-17|04:15
._ComboBoxTest-Info.plist244.00 B2011-12-17|04:15
ComboBoxTest-Prefix.pch327.00 B2011-12-17|04:15
._ComboBoxTest-Prefix.pch295.00 B2011-12-17|04:15
01.96 kB
.DS_Store6.00 kB2011-12-17|09:14
01.96 kB
._.DS_Store244.00 B2011-12-17|09:14
InfoPlist.strings45.00 B2011-12-17|04:15
._InfoPlist.strings295.00 B2011-12-17|04:15
ViewController.xib13.91 kB2012-03-12|07:04
._en.lproj244.00 B2012-03-12|07:04
main.m302.00 B2011-12-17|09:13
._main.m295.00 B2011-12-17|09:13
ViewController.h349.00 B2012-03-12|07:10
._ViewController.h171.00 B2012-03-12|07:10
ViewController.m3.02 kB2011-12-17|09:11
._ViewController.m295.00 B2011-12-17|09:11
._ComboBoxTest244.00 B2012-03-12|07:10
01.96 kB
project.pbxproj12.93 kB2011-12-17|04:15
01.96 kB
._project.pbxproj244.00 B2011-12-17|04:15
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contents.xcworkspacedata157.00 B2011-12-17|04:15
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._contents.xcworkspacedata244.00 B2011-12-17|04:15
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01.96 kB
UserInterfaceState.xcuserstate17.13 kB2012-03-12|07:28
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._doralon.xcuserdatad244.00 B2012-03-12|07:28
._xcuserdata244.00 B2011-12-17|04:15
._project.xcworkspace244.00 B2011-12-17|04:15
01.96 kB
01.96 kB
01.96 kB
Breakpoints.xcbkptlist91.00 B2012-03-12|07:25
01.96 kB
ComboBoxTest.xcscheme3.04 kB2011-12-17|04:15
01.96 kB
01.96 kB
01.96 kB
._ComboBoxTest.xcscheme244.00 B2011-12-17|04:15
xcschememanagement.plist484.00 B2011-12-17|04:15
._xcschememanagement.plist244.00 B2011-12-17|04:15
._xcschemes244.00 B2011-12-17|04:15
._doralon.xcuserdatad244.00 B2012-03-12|07:08
._xcuserdata244.00 B2011-12-17|04:15
._ComboBoxTest244.00 B2012-03-12|06:44
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