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北单比分zhibo p2p development instance, you can pass through the firewall in the Internet, and practical, I just rely on this example, the development of entry-chip p2p....

STM32 port DMA transfer

space:nowrap;">serial DMA transfer...

verycd emule源代碼,使用vc++開發平臺,內嵌瀏覽器。

verycd emule source code, the use of vc++ development platform, the embedded browser....

P2p use delphi development program, powerful, complete

P2p use delphi development program, powerful, complete...


A simple implementation of P2P based on UDP protocol,which broadcasts first ,and then relize the peer to peer translation....

VB UDP傳輸 發送端

VB UDP transmission transmitter...

p2p file transfer, video transmission, chat

p2p file transfer, video transmission, chat...


p2p file transfer in the improvement of network resources, search strategy, ~ PDF format, is a good reference ~...

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