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The toolbar which likes IE and WordPad, and two examples which like IE and Wordp

北单比分zhibo The toolbar which likes IE and WordPad, and two examples which like IE and Wordpad...

A Simple C# Toolbar Docking Framework

Translated by  [email protected]  Author:Rogério Paulo @ Codeproject An example framework for toolbar handling, written in C#. Introduction This code snippet includes a simple framework for handling docking toolbars. This framework includes support for:  floating/docki...

APP stats

It is a App consumed traffic statistics, there is WiFi data and mobile data statistics, using bar charts and line graphs reflect the trend of traffic consumption intuitive....

用ATL+SDK實現了一個工具欄控件KToolBar, 實現了屬性頁、按鈕鼠標事件、持久保存,附帶了一個vb測試程序和程序接口說明...

With ATL+ SDK has a tool bar control KToolBar, realize the attributes page, mouse button events, lasting preservation, with a vb interface testing procedures and procedures that...


pieces of a control tool, 2D and 3d, simple, and they can type LABVIEW to use! There are problems associated, we discuss...


This is an expansion of SliderCtrl class, make up the MFC's SliderCtrl control defects did not pinpoint the location of the mouse click...

MFC create personalized menu bar

Application backgroundThe routine use of the Microsoft development tools mfc6.0, mainly aiming at the shortcomings of the MFC generation icon in the toolbar is too small to form a single, thereby creating a belongs to own personalized software toolbar, toolbar program code modifications on the toolb...

Custom control case

Application backgroundOverride the button control to make the button control look beautifulKey TechnologyUse many technologies, such as rewriting, coverage, and so on, a control to customize the way has a lot of, hope to be able to throw brick English. Congratulations to wipe, long life...

MFC comprehensive application

Application backgroundDetails of the MFC function, suitable for beginners, to share...

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