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Tri-loop servo control source (location, speed, current)

北单比分zhibo With Sensorless permanent magnet synchronous motor servo control chip for TI TMS320F28035. Hardware for TI development kits, circuit Schematic of the circuit diagrams for version 1.7 motor for MiG 750W 80ST motor, 3000rpm, encoder feedback (2500 lines), doctoral dissertation is based on chemical par...

C6455 official routine interface code


Dsp28335 produces spwm program

size:14px;">Dsp28335 spwm procedures, comments and other content, based on the c language, suits the beginner  to learn, and very easy to understand...

Labview control stepper motors

Labview control stepper motors, mainly is to control a stepper motor. Motor to accelerate, decelerate, a constant speed, and so on. Personally, I think more suitable for beginners. Beginners can take a look at this example, have some relevant knowledge. In fact, I'm a beginner, and think this case i...

Svpwm source code

DSP2407 read a source PUDID12USB chips have been debug through, procedures using C language, notes in more detail, the external interrupt 2407 Interrupt received USB output feet....

C6748 face detection procedures (facedetect)

TI TMS320C6748 (LCDK) comes with source code, human face detection, we can refer to, please share exchanges comment....

BLDC source

loop speed control of brushless DC motor, position detection with Hall sensors, debugged, the effect is very good, waveforms and gaps in the theory is unlikely, but not DA output CCS from the oscilloscope can be used to view waveforms, I hope are helpful to students of DC Brushless motor....

BLDC source program

This is my original method, permanent-magnet brushless DC motor speed-current double closed-loop procedures, using double PI control algorithm control motor movements, position detection using Hall sensors, very useful and tested waveform in line with theories, I hope are helpful to General Motors l...

QAM quadrature amplitude modulation based on c language algorithms of DSP based on software simulation

family:宋體, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">基于C語言的正交幅度調制QAM算法在DSP中的軟件仿真-Quadrature amplitude modulation QAM algorithm based on the C language in the DSP software simulation...

Sensorless control of brushless DC motor TI program

loop control method of brushless DC motor, Sensorless control! Can be easily ported, simple, easy to understand....

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