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北单比分zhibo An applet that displays network card information, you can display the IP, description, support for multiple network cards-Information on a display card applet, you can show the IP, description, support multi-NIC...

arcade shooter

A simple Picacho shooting game scoreboard end plates by using java to write the procedures are simple and easy to understand...

Compass implementation based on Android

。In the eclipse environment by writing Java language to implement android software, main implementation can be installed to mobile phones and small software can run a good app (on condition that a mobile phone must have a direction sensor)....

Packet filtering based on packet packet collision and network traffic analysis

Application backgroundApplet programming with java which enables the packet dropping and calculating the efficiency of the number of packets sent to receiver at certain period of timeKey TechnologyA java based client server architecture with respect to packet filtering and find the amount of collisi...

Minimal K graph

Application backgroundk-map minimizer using java codeInteractive GUI to solve k-map Key Technologyprogram written in javaand swing class is use to make GUI...

Listview Android

Application background      (),  , listview,, new, = AlphaAnimation animation (0, 1),  , //AlphaAnimation,,, the effect of gradient transparency./ / & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; animation = new TranslateAnimation (0, 0, 1, 0); //TranslateAnimation & nbsp; control screen transl...


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