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LabVIEW-based voice changer

北单比分zhibo Speech is one of the characteristics, different people have different voices, but in some special cases, people want to change your voice to hide their identity. Voice modulation technology came into being, by changing the frequency and amplitude of the sound changing sound purposes. This work by so...

Matlab GUI recording and audio processing

size:16px;">      使用Matlab GUI實現音頻錄制、音頻播放(有暫停功能),并且能夠動態顯示錄音時域波形和頻域波形,能夠對語音進行簡單處理,實現房間回聲音效、立體聲效、混音(基于循環卷積)、男女聲互變等功...

audio segmentation


Echo cancellation software

Software eliminates the sound echoes, suitable for voice calls to eliminate the echo. Code echo data obtained through the speakers and MIC voice data through analysis and comparison of the cache, use special algorithms eliminate echoes data, so as to achieve the goal of eliminating echo....

MFCC feature extraction of C++ implementation has been tested

space:normal;" />2 framing an array operation, or setting a fixed number of frames classifies3 write MFCC module code, implement MFCC parameters of the compiler, C++ implementation of MFCC MFCC feature extraction, finally extracting a 13-d about the final results are saved in the file...

Speech separation MATLAB



_WDWORD(0x4008609C, 0x000000F3); /* P1_7: D0 (function 3) */ _WDWORD(0x400860A0, 0x000000F3); /* P1_8: D1 (function 3) */ _WDWORD(0x400860A4, 0x000000F3); /* P1_9: D2 (function 3) */ _WDWORD(0x400860A8, 0x000000F3); /* P1_10: D3 (function 3) */ _WDWORD(0x400860AC, 0x000000F3);...

C++ implementation of GMM algorithm

GMM developed using c++ algorithm source code, research on speech recognition, vocals, extracting/testing of a friend to consider more carefully, very worthwhile Oh!...

Microsoft TTSapp source

Microsoft provides programming examples of the voice process, the realization of the text read, I type matching...

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