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A motion control source (from the Internet)

北单比分zhibo Information includes: PC source code: source code control device output; PC source code: chips (such as ARM and DSP) control source code; Interface source code: the source code that can be reprogrammed, for improving procedures; Port control source code: LPT parallel port control and USB port to...

Thermal Printer Program

Thermal printer based on MCU development program has been implemented to print and communications, font download, font by external flash read operations to realize man's print function...

QRcode two-dimensional code generator source

Brief introduction        This is a simple example, to produce a specific text from the use of libqrencode library QRcode BMP files. There are many online reference library but there is no simple example. In this project, there are also problems arise when an alternative is...

VB. NET through the camera reads QR code examples

VB. NET by reading the QR code example cameras,//www.codefans.NET/sort/list_9_4.shtml Learning...

POS printers


Printer testing control component sourcecodes

space:nowrap;">This is a printer testing control component with sourcecodes...

Micro-printer of the original program

printer of the original program, c language programming languages for single-chip, monolithic integrated circuit C51 SCM, I used the RD-T series, but this is not the final program, when we use a micro-electronic competition, then program is the direct electronic competition program...

Printer status management based on WINAPI

This is a print management example, using WINAPI combined with the print class in c #, can do with printer status management, provides a method for the printed receipt, you can get the print queue information, access to printer status and cancel printing, printer management reference....

POS machine Activex controls

It is a complete POS Machine written in MFC ACTIVEX controls contain printer control, control, and opened the cash box control, user suggestions on the POS machine needs to look at....

code lisp plagiarisme

it's a lisp code for detection plagiarisme it's simplie and efficient it have also an exemple so you could test it have fun ...


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