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GPS point positioning program

北单比分zhibo GPS single point positioning, which enables the satellite coordinate calculations, the ground point coordinate calculation precision index calculation and output to Excel....

GPS L1 singal acquisiton

height:1.5;">This codes is the simulation of GPS L1 signal acquisition. First it generate the CA code and the correlating pn code, and then multiply the code by the carrier. The frequency spectrum of the simulated signal was plotted. Finally,the frequency offset is added to the signal ,and...

Precision GPS calculations factor in some of the source code

Better source code, computational precision factor values such as GDOP,PDOP, including the Japan development of GPS precise point positioning programs, all programs can run, hope to be helpful ......

INS_Kalman Kalman filtering program GPS INS navigation example

space:nowrap;"> 基帶測量信號處理的算法:1.最小二乘曲線擬合法2.線性濾波方法3.非線性濾波方法非線性濾波方法就是和深組合導航系統中利用聯邦卡爾曼濾波的方法是一樣的,基帶信號處理相當于聯邦卡爾曼濾波中的局部濾波器...

Simple and efficient matrix inversion program in Fortran

space:nowrap;">!  Description : 計算逆矩陣 !     !----------------------------------------------------- !  Contains    : !      1.   driver  驅動函數 !      2.   solve   方法函數  已經...

Matlab codefor a software Defined GPS and Galileo Receiver

© 2006 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC This electronic component package is protected by federal copyright law and international treaty. If you wish to return this book and the electronic component package to Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, do not open the disc envelope or remove it...

GPS module test procedures

GPS module test procedures #include "display.h" GPS_INFO GPS; //GPS information structure /**************************************** Constant definitions Be careful not defined in header files *****************************************/ UCHAR code beiwei[]= "latitude"; UCHAR c...

The power inversion algorithm for GPS anti-jamming antenna simulation

Based on power inversion algorithm for GPS anti-jamming antenna simulation and Gaussian noise generation functions, convergence of LMS, MATLAB source code runs successfully, with good effect, it is also useful...

GPS/BDS conversion program



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