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104 IEC60870-5-104 Statute

北单比分zhibo 5-104 遠動設備及系統傳輸規約 處理 源碼 源碼只對應 1 RTU。代碼有一些小錯誤,自行修改一下。...

TCP implementation of P2P communication, TCP through NAT method, TCP holes

line through TCP NAT (ie TCP holes) introductory article, but unfortunately I did not find the relevant source code can refer to, I use their spare time to write a TCP can be achieved through the NAT, so that different private network host a direct source code TCP communication....

Socket asynchronous communication module

Asynchronous C++ network communications module, using completion routines of Audacity, asynchronous communications, tested code is entirely feasible, highly efficient...

DES encryption communication

side first, and then run the client-side, and mutual information in server-side and client-side communication. Communications uses DES encryption to ensure information security....


Is a program written in cocos2d and socket socket, can communicate, cocos2d is more popular recently, you can do a lot of special effects, and it is an open source free engine, very good. Recommended!...

Simple examples of Qt image network transmission

size:14px;">該代碼演示了,如何利用QTcpSocket QTcpServer進行網絡通信;如何從服務器端獲取圖像數據,在網間傳輸圖像,最后在客戶端接收,并顯示。代碼的重點在于,它演示了一個基本的流程,涉及到的也只是最粗淺的內容,如果...

Tunnels P2P source, client and Server source code, C++ to write

space:nowrap;">P2P打洞源碼,客戶端和服務器源碼,C++編寫,很好的學習p2P的資料。一套純c++實現的p2p典范,是學習c++編碼的經典之作。 無論編碼格式,風格,還是對c++各種語法,模板的使用都非常詳細。 不可多得的好代碼,打開...

Stun server and client

Simple stun server and client program based on C++, for the detection of different types of NAT between the client and the server. Based on c + + simple stun server and the client program, used to detect the different NAT types between client and server....

MFC SOCKET program written

This is a SOCKET using MFC program, you can achieve the basic communication. very suitable new reference Communicate the program only on a single machine, because the IP of my server IP is the loop. Can implement multiple client programs communicate through ports to identify the client,...


based computer, when some other computer want to know the integrity of the TPM-based computer, the computer can send a request through client side built on it. When the TPM-computer received the request, it sends corresponding data to remote computer, then remote computer can compute the integrity o...

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