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104 IEC60870-5-104 Statute

北单比分zhibo Station 104 protocol source code, IEC60870-5-104 telecontrol equipment andsystem transmission protocol processing source code source code only corresponds to 1 RTU. The code has some small mistakes, modify it....

Full TCP/IP Socket C++ multithreaded network code, with overtime and other security detection

Full TCP/IP Socket C++ multithreaded network code, with overtime and other security detection. Encapsulated interface classes in the form of call is very convenient, both server and client functionality, reducing the complexity of the code. In the form of a function pointer to a callback, in the nam...

TCP implementation of P2P communication, TCP through NAT method, TCP holes

There are many on-line through TCP NAT (ie TCP holes) introductory article, but unfortunately I did not find the relevant source code can refer to, I use their spare time to write a TCP can be achieved through the NAT, so that different private network host a direct source code TCP communication....


Lidgren.Network is a network communication library. Network is a networking library. Provide a simple API, used to connect the client to the server, read and send messages....

C# write their own web browser code

Application backgroundIf you want to use C# to write a web browser, can refer to the code, this project is developed on VS2012, so it can be used to open VS2012 or higher version, the code to achieve the basic functions of the browser, the browser has the standard address access, forward and backwar...

Socket asynchronous communication module

Asynchronous C++ network communications module, using completion routines of Audacity, asynchronous communications, tested code is entirely feasible, highly efficient...

DES encryption communication

Using socket to write server-side and client, enable both communication. Program is written in c++, code no redundancy, straightforward reference for beginners. Running, running server-side first, and then run the client-side, and mutual information in server-side and client-side communication...

SIM900A program

Application backgroundSim900 code including text messaging, phone, connected with the SCM procedures, the GPRS communication program, is a dual serial port transceiver, PC, STM32/51 SCM application. Sim900 code including text messaging, phone, connected with the SCM procedures, GPRS communication pr...


Is a program written in cocos2d and socket socket, can communicate, cocos2d is more popular recently, you can do a lot of special effects, and it is an open source free engine, very good. Recommended!...

Simple examples of Qt image network transmission

This code demonstrates how network communications using QTcpSocket QTcpServer; how to get image data from a server-side, in the net to transfer images between last client receives and displays. Code point is that it shows a basic process that involves only the most superficial elements of, if you ar...

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