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Big data high concurrent web rapid development framework

北单比分zhibo Application backgroundDevelopment framework, database design, software modeling, model generation, visual interface design, business flow can be customized, fully automatic generation of user needs system in one. In this framework, the expansion of all the business system, it allows the software eng...


THIS PROJECTS DEALS WITH PRIVACY PRESERVING IN CLOUD STORAGE WITH USE OF A THIRD PARTY AUDITOR and this also support other operation like insertion, delete etc....

Unifcate in Lisp

The generic function UNIFY is the entry point in the unification machinery. It takes two CL objects, object1 and object2 and checks whether they can be unified by constructing a (possibly empty) consistent substitution assigning appropriate values to the unification variables appearing each object....

Get automotive home models data

Source code is a reptile, crawling the car home site all models of data, a single script!...

Algorithm of imperialist aggression

Code for colonial competitive algorithm (CCA) also known as Imperialist Competitive Algorithm (ICA)....

Nbody experiment

N-Body problems (many-body problem) is one of the basic problems of celestial mechanics and the general mechanics and research among the n-particle motion, it is up to the frontiers of science, in the field of high performance computing also has a certain degree of representativeness. MPI/OpenMP is...

Cloudsim Simulator

Cloudsim SimulatorAustralia grids lab, University of Melbourne and the Gridbus project announced the launch of cloud computing called CloudSim simulation software. CloudSim is in SimJava, discrete-event simulation package developed by libraries because SimJava has some limitations, such as: creating...

Analysis of disaster recovery of large data cloud computing security

Application backgroundSmall data data analogy, take big data Hadoop, the open source tools, it's like data analysis microscope. In the past, people often use human judgment data, and now, with the development and progress of science and technology, are the tool data, such as the Hadoop,openstack ope...

Delphi to obtain the specified city weather forecast information

Application backgroundDelphi development of the weather forecast tool   contains the source code oh! , support the specified city weather query  Key TechnologyWeather information, and so on....

Learning Ruby source, on rails ruby, to help beginners learn

Application backgroundLearning Ruby a good helper, including on rails ruby, etc., are interested to see, help beginners to learn...


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