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MATLAB+Simulink modeling and simulation of communication systems explains the Matlab source code

北单比分zhibo >Open”便可選擇仿真文件來打開。(2)系統實例章節:包括仿真代碼(WORD格式)和仿真文件(.m格式)。文件打開運行的環境為matlab7.0及其以上版本。其中:OFDM通信系統中的主程序是main_OFDM.m;MIMO通信系統中的主程序是main_STB...

Source code AS3 UDP connections

space:nowrap;">AS3 UDP連接源碼,方便用戶修改,連接簡單,修改方便...

PCRat source code

Application backgroundPCRat source PCRat PCRat source PCRat PCRat source code...


video chat source, users can video chat, video chat over, almost no delay, to facilitate video conferencing....

Flex recording source to generate wav audio files

space:nowrap;">A very simple flex recording function, recording is finished, generate wav audio format files...

This is a drawing

This is a drawing of the Flash file, and can be wiped out, as well as a small blackboard, which is free to draw what they want for everyone to share....

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