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Telecom billing system

北单比分zhibo Java implementation of Telecom billing system, implementation of the login or log out the user's time, and billing operations, and user actions are managed and administered, add users, delete users, setting user permissions, and identity...

java library project

space:nowrap;">try{FileReader fr=new FileReader("library.txt");BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(fr);String str;while((str=br.readLine())! = null){ System.out.println(str+"\n");}br.close();}catch (IOException e){ System.out.println("Can't Read This File!");}...

finger print scanner test

test finger print scanner test finger print scanner test finger print scanner test finger print scanner...

2015 Chinese programmers in the first half of the survey report

align:center;">2015上半年中國程序員調查統計報告  Codeforge網站發布了最新2015上半年《中國程序員調查報告》。此報告主要就跟程序員密切相關的年齡分布、性別比例、使用瀏覽器種類、職業分布、使用編程語言種類以及學歷分...

JAVA check on work attendance management system

Writing is very suitable for download Oh, want everyone to download, mainly for a time, or to the teacher, you know...

High imitation Baidu cloud SkyDrive code

plugin) + Spring2 + ExtJS2.2 無數據庫 已經實現的功能: 1.多文件隊列批量上傳,友好的上傳進度條,完整的上傳進度信息. 2.實現了文件在線壓縮解壓功能(可以壓縮成zip格式,可以直接解壓縮RAR文件格式) 3.實現了新建文件夾,以及刪除文...

21 sets of javaWeb project source code

oriented features3, use the API interface, to achieve the payment function;Three, using the MySQL, Oracle, server SQL 4 database...

Web version of the hotel management system source code in Java

in information including registration information, customer information and expense information three.Checkout module: This module is used to process the customer checkout information, customers only need to know the room number, will be able to check out.Reservation module: booking information of t...


XListViewAndroid下拉刷新  上拉加載  加載更多 ListView...

Android Xmpp text chat, voice chat, sending files

space:nowrap;">Server is Openfire,  can be used once the configuration of Openfire is done....

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