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AXI slave verilog code

北单比分zhibo size:14px;">自己寫的 AXI slaver  verilog code,希望帶給大家一些啟示...

Verilog Jpeg Encoder

contained. This core has been simulated on many raw images with different quantification and Huffman tables....

FFT FFT algorithm based on Verilog

size:16px;">該代碼實現128點,16位整型的FFT計算,基于Quartus II 8.0版本,已經過仿真,時序約束和實際驗證,程序功能完全能達到正常情況下的需求,時鐘可達150Mhz。...

Histogram equalization FPGA implementation


HDMI interface chip (ADV7513) drive, 1080p60,720p60 colour bar test!


DDR2 controller, Verilog source code

Using Verilog prepared of DDR2 controller, achieved has DDR2 of reads and writes function, in Xilinx vietex5 Shang to achieved, achieved has Imaging algorithm in the of data turn home,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...

The DMAC module in AMBA Bus based on SOC design

This design is based on the SOC system, using AMBA Bus DMA data transfer mode control module design of DMAC, a total of five modules, proven design timing constraints and other requirements...

Booth multiplier in verilog

size:14px;">This file describes the code for booth multiplier in verilog. the source code is simulated and verified for better results...

Flash controller verilog code

This is the verilog code of Samsung K9 series Flash controller, it is complied and verified on FPGA development board, the verification environment is quartusii and modelsim combined platform. You can find the datasheet of K9 flash on the internet. The size of the flash is 1024*32....

1024-bit RSA encryption algorithm

1) are prime numbers from each other.Finally, calculate the decryption key d use Euclid extended algorithm to meet the requirement ofed = 1(mod(p–1)(q–1 ))i.e.d = e–1 mod((p–1)( q – 1 ))e and n are public key,d is private key...

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