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Small ASP warehouse management system

北单比分zhibo Small ASP warehouse management systems, compact, convenient and practical. Includes storage, library, company level can be set independently. Grading. And no loopholes. A good choice for firms...

Reimbursement Management System

A very good claims management system, can be used as work submitted by students. 1, reimbursement login information, including the person's name (name of the person can fill in personal number, you can enter the name), the department name (you can fill in the department number, department name, depa...

Enterprise invoicing management system ASP source invoicing WEB SQL Edition online + videos

height:1.5;">充分利用財務管理、進銷存和企業電子商務系統, 整個系統主要由入庫??? 銷售??? 庫存管理??? 統計??? 會員??榧罷飾窆芾硐低徹鉤? 這些??榛競橇爍骼嗥笠刀越婀芾砣砑囊? 運行效率, 負載能...

The lost systems

ASP lost and found system, generous system, program files are very small, Access database, divided into subject plate and looking plate, login may publish information, browsing does not require registration, user login Panel features directly to each other little notes....


family:Verdana, Arial, sans-serif, 'Times New Roman', 宋體;line-height:22px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">員工績效考核系統   (2 folders, 39 files, 120.28 KB, 2.34 MB in total.) AssemblyInfo.cs 2.07 KB default.aspx 1.89 KB default.aspx.cs 2.36...

SMS cat ASP development samples

space:nowrap;"><% '在ASP中使用本控件注意事項 '1、alasunsmscon.ocx這一文件的權限要設置正確,即設置“IUSR_機器名”這一用戶有執行的權限,否則會報錯“Server.CreateObject 訪問錯誤”。 '   在設置完權限后,需重啟IIS。 '2、如...

ERP ASP development


CRM customer management system

family:宋體, Verdana, Arial;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">開發環境為VS2008,編程語言為C#,數據庫為SQL server 2008。包含收發消息、客戶信息管理、跟進、實施等功能....


space:nowrap;">asp最新寵物狗源代碼  --做寵物店的神器哦!...

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