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Online shopping project

北单比分zhibo height:1.5;">This is the online shopping project. This project using in aspx. It is one of the mini project of MCA student. This project have home page same like online shopping websites. It is the user friendly. easy to shopping using this project. This project more easy to under standing. its also...

ASP student achievement management system based on WEB


Team management system

left:0in;text-indent:0in;text-align:justify;">The aim of this project is toefficiently manage the teams and other information regarding the season’splayoff, providing easy access to get maximum details. There is lots of sporting extravaganza going on like nfl, ipl, world cups etc. The ro...

apriori algorithm in asp

this is a web service asp to use apriori algorithm and used to derive the association rules in which we can use in many market basket analysis,banks and etc,also they are very important in data mining and its respective sectors... accounting system source code accounting system source code, can be used to develop 2 times, if you want to learn accounting system can refer to those who have a look yo....

online libraly management system

a library management system that allows booking and lending of also fines the students who extend the deadline of submission...

Library management system

Easy online book management system using ASP.NET development, beginners can learn from. There are also some small feature ~!...

hangman game

it is  an gaming code. hanman game. it is a mobile  application....


family:'Trebuchet MS', Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif;font-size:13px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">您提交的代碼通過審核后您才能獲得積分,只有內容真實實用,描述詳細的源代碼才能通過審核。請認真填寫以下信息。...


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