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Android FTP source code

Android FTP Source code,  for FTP client development on Android, support upload and download....

Android after recording MP3

Android MP3 after recording does not need to be root, works easy, go to page are two buttons to start, stop and Mp3, it is easy to integrate into your own projects for their own use....

Android-like curtain effect

Android UI layout mimics the curtain effect, very fun to use, simply inherits, pull the curtain effect will be achieved, see source code for details....

Android Mobi safe

Android Mobi safe you deserve...

Android face recognition function using source code

Android face recognition function, through the algorithm to achieve recognition of human face and draw a rectangular area of the human face, belonging to the Android small project of human face recognition, can be used to....

Android implementation book flip effect

Android implementation book page turn effect. Book flip effect using Android design....

Android Ymodem simple test procedures

Android Ymodem simple test programs through ttyS3 serial PC Android development platform 3 MCU and lower machine connected to the serial port, you can update the slave firmware through the serial port                             &...

Android WiFi Server

In the Android jump more than one page, and login, file storage, file reading, the registration of the user name,...

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